Small Business is Big Business 

Small business is a driving force in Canada’s new economy, and increasing numbers of Canadians like you, have followed the road to entrepreneurship. In Canada over 98% of all businesses employ one to 100 people and are classified as small businesses. Small business continues to play a vital role in the new economy of Niagara. 

Established in 1995, Small Business Club Niagara and Area including Hamilton, St Catharines and Burlington more. The club was created as a resource for entrepreneurs launching their own businesses. The Club provides ongoing support and networking opportunities for small business owners in Niagara. 

Small Business Club Niagara is an incorporated, non-profit organization, managed by a Board of Directors. The Club has over 250 members representing all types of businesses. 

The primary function of Small Business Club Niagara is to provide opportunities for members to conduct business, form professional alliances, share business leads and offer support to one another. Guest speakers presented at our monthly meetings are chosen for their ability to instruct, motivate and advise. 

Small Business Development Tips

Generating new business by developing your client base is valuable to any enterprise success. We provided some useful tips for small business ownres to grow their business and the client base.

It is essential to know your customer’s needs and develop tailored services and products which fulfill those requirements.

Provide great customer support

Make sure your customer support is outstanding. Your clients won’t just remember excellent service. They’ll also be more inclined to refer other individuals to you.

Utilize social websites

Social networking is a highly effective instrument for advertising your company to prospective clients and gain invaluable insight through’societal listening. Social networking can allow you to build your organization profile and bring new clients.

Social events

Events permit you to create relationships with different people and invite them to refer clients to you personally via word of mouth.

Quantify what functions and enhance your strategy as you move

It would help if you tracked wherever your clients are coming from to be able to quantify whether your advertising and marketing actions are valid or not. Do not be scared to experiment. Refine your strategy if something isn’t working and concentrate more time on the activities that achieve the very best outcomes.