Shopping for a Refurbished Laptop

Shopping for a Refurbished Laptop

A refurbished laptop is a good option when you need to save money. A new laptop could go for even $2200, depending on its features. While a refurbished laptop will save you money, but be prepared for some shortcomings. There are still a few problems encountered as the refurbished laptop is not entirely new, but used. However, if there are minor, and the laptop meets your needs, you can stomach them.


The refurbished laptop most probably has a battery with some few problems. It may only retain a charge for a maximum of 20 minutes; thus you will have to work with your laptop plugged into an outside power source. This may be a bit of an inconvenience because you cannot use your laptop where you have no access to power, for instance over lunch. If you, however, only use your laptop in the office or at home, then this should not be a significant problem. If you need to use the laptop for a long time without charging it, it is best to get a new one. If you are buying your laptop from a re-seller, the battery will most probably not have a guarantee.

Back Up

Most of the time, a refurbished laptop will not be accompanied by its restore disks. You will need to get a backup program that will enable you to provide a backup storage of the hard disk.

Microsoft Office

If your refurbished laptop makes use of Windows XP, it may not have the Microsoft Office. You will have to get it from elsewhere. It could cost you up to $399. Re-sellers never include the program when they sell the laptop to you. If they have such a deal, then it is fraud. Microsoft Office might be a bit expensive for you. You may opt for Open Office, which is very similar to MS Office, and it is absolutely free. All you need to do is download it from their official website. Better still, it will take up less space on your hard drive

Customer Support

Depending on what laptop you purchased, and the reseller’s policy, they may offer customer support. They should help you in the installation of the refurbished laptop. If you do encounter challenges during the setup. it is best to inquire from your re-seller whether they can help you out. They are more likely too.


Most re-sellers have a 30-day warranty. However, depending on which re-seller company you are dealing with, they may have even a 90-day warranty. There are third-party providers like Square Trade, who may offer longer warranty periods. If this is a major consideration, then get your refurbished laptop from third-party providers.


As already discussed, refurbished laptops come with their own share of problems. It may be safer to buy a used laptop from a specific individual who is selling his. It will be well taken care of, and most of the hardware and software will be in working order. This again is not a guarantee of a perfect laptop. Re-sellers offer the advantage of product comparison. They have many brands from various companies, which may be very helpful in getting a good laptop, despite being used.

You do not have to get a refurbished laptop with some problems. You could get something worth the bargain, and you will have indeed saved some significant amount of money.