Tips on How To Choose the Right E-Reader

Tips on How To Choose the Right E-Reader

Reading is a beautiful thing and can add joy, anticipation, fear, and sometimes other emotions in your life. Electronic book readers are the most inspiring technological evolutions that offer access to different kinds of eBooks. When it comes to purchasing E-Readers, several factors should be considered so that you do not end up wasting your money or getting counterfeit devices. Here’s how to choose the right E-Reader.

Battery Life

When choosing an E-Reader, it is very necessary to consider battery life because no one wants a device that runs out of charge after a short time, say an hour or two. How would you feel if your battery died when you are just about to finish reading your favourite novel? It is very frustrating.

The ability to share

Shareability between E-Readers is very necessary especially if you have purchased a new device and want to transfer stuff from the old device to the new one. You may also need to share books with your friends, and you should ask yourself if the eBook reader allows that feature.


This feature allows users to surf the internet and download eBooks directly to the device using 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. If the device does not have this feature, then you should reconsider buying it.

Screen Preferences

Screen friendliness is very important, and when it comes to the screen, you should consider the colour, glare, size and back-lighting. The screen is the most significant in an E-Reader since you spend hours looking at it The screen should have low power consumption and easy to read even in sunlight. Some E-Readers cause the reader to strain in bright light and may cause pain especially if you read for longer periods of time.

Supported Formats

Some eBook readers can only handle one type of file format, say PDF, while others can handle different types of formats such as word documents, PowerPoint slides amongst others. An eBook reader should not limit you to the types of files to read; thus this feature is very important to consider. If your device will not allow you to read your favourite magazine or author, then it will not matter how clear the display is.

Storage capacity

The larger the memory the better since this is what defines an E-Reader; a portable library. You should also consider if the memory can be increased or not. This feature is also necessary if you are planning to store hundreds of eBooks on your device or storing audio books.


An EReader should be comfortable to hold and carry. When buying an eBook reader make sure you hold it to check its weight. Make sure it’s the right one for you in terms of weight and comfort.

Once you have completed your research, create a list of all the features you need your device to have and take the list with you to the eBook store, although you might need to visit different stores to check out on different readers available in each store. Take your time and play with different E-Readers. You could also ask for assistance from the store attendants. Scrutinize every detail manually as this gives you the convenience of holding them physically.